After Photos

Step 12: Preparation for the After Photos

After the brows have been tattooed, apply Tag 45 to reduce redness in preparation for the after photos. Tag 45 not only numbs, but its epinephrine ingredient also reduces redness. You want to avoid taking after photos when the brows are red. Make sure there are no brow hairs outside of the brows by removing it with a disposable razor. Any hairs outside of the brows can be distracting and will distraught the shape in the after photos. Clean the client’s face well with a wipe making sure there are no pigment splatters or stains on her face. Prepare her for the after photos by making sure she looks good. If she looks good, you’ll look good. A good after photo will encourage her to post it online and share her experience with you which is free advertisement for you.

Things I check for:

  • Is her hair out of place?
  • Are her eyelashes (eyelash extensions/falsies) tangled, falling off or looking weird?
  • Did her eye makeup or face makeup get too messy?

Take a moment to ensure your client looks her best before you take the after photos.

Step 13: After Photos & Videos

Set up your ring light to take after photos. I typically move my ring light closer to my clients’ face to minimize shadows on my client’s face. This will make your client’s skin look clearer.