Client Requirements: Who is suitable for Ombré Powder Brows

Although Ombre Powder brows is suitable for many clients, there are a list of client requirements that clients must read and qualify for prior to booking. I have this disqualification list available on my website, scheduler, and consent form to ensure that it is accessible to my clients. Please make sure to state that it is the client’s responsibility to thoroughly review the list prior to the booking. 

Client Disqualification List:

  • Anyone under the age of 18
  • Anyone allergic to anesthesia, pigmentation and makeup 
  • Anyone who is currently pregnant, breastfeeding or lactating
  • Anyone diabetic
  • Anyone with glaucoma and/or taking blood thinning medication
  • Anyone taking steroid medications (i.e. Accutane)
  • Anyone who has cancer and/or is undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Anyone who has been treated with radiotherapy or chemotherapy in the last 45 days
  • Anyone with skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, keloid, or hypertrophic scarring on and around the treated area
  • Anyone with transmittable blood diseases (ex: HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, etc.) 
  • Anyone with bacterial or viral infection
  • Anyone with undiagnosed skin conditions, rashes, blisters on and around the area to be treated
  • Anyone with high blood pressure or mitral valve disorder
  • Anyone with healing disorders
  • Anyone who is hemophiliac
  • Anyone with a present open wound on and around the area to be treated
  • Anyone epileptic or who has experience faint spells or seizures

If your client has any questions or concerns regarding a possible condition that may disqualify her, please have her contact her healthcare provider.