Li Pigments

Li pigments have two lines: aqua and velvet. The Aqua line is a water-base formula. This line has a thinner consistency and it is best for machine work. The Velvet line is a glycerin-base formula. This line has a thicker consistency and it is best for manual tools such as the microblade. The line I use is the Aqua line.

Li pigments are suitable for beginners since they fade a lot once healed. This lower retention (compared to Permablend) can be an advantage for beginner artists who make mistakes. Their lower retentions allow for those mistakes to be fixed at the touch up since brows will heal light.


  • Suitable for beginner artists and experienced artists
  • Healed results: light-medium
  • Retention: Fades up to 40-60% once healed
  • Iron oxide-based, Inorganic Pigments
  • Compatible clients: Clients with dry-normal skin type. Clients with nice skin and full brow hairs. Clients who want natural-medium density brows.
  • Incompatible clients: Clients with oily skin or large pores. Clients with bald spots in their brows.