Machine Angles & Needle Depths

The needle length can be adjusted using the machine. The needle length for tattooing ombré powder brows should be 2.0-2.5mm and only approximately 1/5 of the needle should enter the skin.

Although the machine has numerical adjustments that is meant is represent the needle length in mm (millimeters), we don’t want to rely on the measurement on the machine, we always want to use our eyes to check the needle length.

To adjust the needle, twist the knob on the machine.

The thickness of every clients’ skin is very different. Because of this, you always want to begin with lighter pressure/less needle depth when tattooing. Start with less needle depth, check if the pigment remains in the skin. If the pigment doesn’t remain in the skin or if the pigment is too light, gradually increase pressure. Once the skin begins taking the pigment, remain at that needle depth. Do not increase pressure in attempt to speed up the tattoo process. Excessive needle depth may lead to the eyebrows healing too cool or overworked skin. Overworked skin will lead to poor retention after the healing process.

In order to check the depth of the needle penetration into the skin, we must use our tactile senses and recognize the level of vibration in the skin. With practice, you will be able to sense the perfect needle depth and skin vibration.

How to tell if your needle is too long

  • If you’re tattooing and no pigment comes out (and you’ve adequately dipped your needle into the pigment) and all you see if blood, your needle might be too long.

How to tell if your needle is too short

  • If you’re tattooing and excessive amounts of pigment begins to pour out, your needle might be too short.

Machine Angle


For outlining, you should keep your machine straight and upright by holding it at 90-degree from the skin.

Shading/Front Ombré

For shading and front ombré, your machine will be swinging at a 65-85 degree angle.