Machine & Needles

Wireless PMU Machine

For the digital machine we use to produce Ombré Powder brows, we use a wireless PMU Machine. This machine is included in the Starter Kit if you purchased one.



  • Wireless machine (Can be used wired as well)
    • 3 speeds available
    • Lasts 3-4 hours on a full charge
    • Wireless PMU machine can be used for lip blush services, eyeliner services, etc.


There are many existing needles that can be used for this machine for different services. The needle we use for Ombré Powder brows is a single-round needle commonly known as 1P, 1R, or 1RL. Different companies have different labels for it. There are many diameters for the 1P/1R/1RL needle such as 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.25mm, and 0.30mm. The most popular diameters are 0.25 and 0.30mm. Choice of diameter is preference, some prefer 0.15mm because it produces thin outlines and some prefer 0.30mm since it produces good size pixels and a pixelated brow look. These needles are single-packaged, sterile needles.