Pigment Lines

There are two pigment lines that I use: Li Pigments & Permablend Pigments. Both pigment brands are world renowned pigments and I’ve used both for over 2 years and I’ve studied their healed results and they are tried and tested. There are many characteristics to consider when it comes to pigments, such as: color, tone, healed results, retention/longevity, ingredients, and more. Each brand has its own strengths and I’ve compared and contrasted those for you below:

Both pigment brands are great, however, if you are a beginner artist, I would recommend Li Pigments and if you are an experienced artist, I would recommend Permablend.

The most important information you need to understand is the base/undertone of the pigment colors. That is the first step to pigment selection (more in another section).

To determine the undertone of the pigment, apply the selected pigment onto a white piece of paper and wash it out with a wet q-tip with water. You will be able to see the undertone of the pigment this way.

Can the brands be mixed?

No. You cannot mix pigments from different brands in the same pigment ring/same session. You can use different pigment brands for layering or at a different session, however, they cannot be mixed. An example of layering would be during a correction.

I’m a beginner, when should I start to use Permablend?

Start to use Permablend when you begin to feel more confident about your skills & experience in brow mapping, pigment selection & technique. This varies with brow artists. A good way to begin trying out Permablend is at the touch up appointment. If you tattooed your client with Li Pigments at the initial appointment and she returns and the shape is beautiful, then there are no changes required to be made, you can tattoo using Permablend for the touch up session to increase retention and longevity.