Step 12: Finishing Touches

Once I’ve finished taking after photos, I apply Pigment Seal using a lip wand.  I let that sit for about 5 minutes and gently pat it off. If the client’s brows are irritated and red, I will then also apply a light layer of Vera Gel to soothe and calm the area. I leave this on the client.

Step 13: Post Appointment Debriefing

Thoroughly go over “what to expect” and the “aftercare” with your client. I provide my clients with an aftercare bag that includes an aftercare instruction sheet, A&D ointment, lip wands, and brow shields (to help prevent water contact). Explain to your client about the touch up appointment and set it up if she is ready to book it. Make sure she doesn’t have any questions before she leaves. 

Step 14: Workstation Breakdown

Follow instruction from Chapter 7 to clean up your workstation. Be sure to record the color you used on your client on her consent form or your scheduler.