As a PMU artist, you will be handling a lot of hazardous tools such as needles and sharps and you will be dealing with blood/bodily fluids. Practicing safe and proper sanitation is very important for a successful business and a healthy work environment. Practicing proper sanitation protects you, your client, your co-workers as well as your loved ones.

Below are some general guidelines & tips to follow

  • All supplies & tools on your procedure tray should be disposable/one-time use (needles, pigment/numbing trays, razors, q-tips/applicators, etc.)
  • Any items/tools that are not disposable/one-time use should be wrapped in single-use barrier film (PMU machine, work bed, work stool, work tray, etc). This includes equipment that you touch during the procedure such as handheld mirror, lights, etc. This is to prevent cross-contamination.
  • A sharps container must be easily accessible from your workstation for disposal of needles and razors.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn during the entire procedure (more on this topic later)
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before beginning a procedure, when switching gloves, after a procedure, after cleaning up your workstation, etc.
  • During a procedure, if you need to grab addition supplies, remove your gloves, wash your hands, and then proceed.
  • Use health department approved, medical/hospital-grade cleaning wipes to disinfect any equipment/tools that aren’t disposable even if they were wrapped with single-use barrier film. This includes the surfaces in your work area.

These are some great general tips to keep you and your clients safe. These general guidelines will help you avoid cross-contamination and avoid risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogen and diseases. In the following modules, we will be discussing other important sanitation topics such as PPE, proper workstation set up, proper workstation breakdown, and more.