Brows are LOW Maintenance, Not NO Maintenance

Clients will often ask to get a touch up sooner than their annual touch up date.

Can my client come back sooner?

I only recommend your client coming back sooner if they have a retention issue. If your client has issues with retention, for example, they have large pores and oily skin, minimal brow hair, and they live an active life being in the sun often and sweating often. Or if they have an extraneous reason for why their eyebrows have poor retention then I’d recommend for the client to come in sooner.

Otherwise, I’d recommend for my clients to wait at least a year before the next touch up. My goal is to preserve the integrity of my client’s skin. If my client doesn’t necessary need a touch up I’d prefer her to wait at least the year. If the client’s brows have one small area that’s only slightly lighter and it is not noticeable, I’d recommend for the client to wait. Brows are supposed to be low maintenance, not NO maintenance. Therefore, if your client can pencil in that area to camouflage it, I would recommend the client to do so rather than to book an entire touch up appointment. I’d prefer to preserve the health of the skin and avoid unnecessary trauma too often.

Client: I have to fill in my brows so they will look better. Can I get a touch up sooner?

Again, brows still require some maintenance even if they are tattooed. Applying a little bit of brow make up on top of the tattoo will always look better. The color of makeup will also look slightly more vibrant than a tattoo therefore a little make up will make the eyebrows look better. Applying a little bit of concealer will also make the brows look better and more defined. However, this doesn’t necessary mean that the client needs a touch up if applying makeup on the brows make them look better. Again, I only recommend getting a touch up if the brows are faded, the definition has significantly blurred out, or if the brows are significantly patchy.


Healing is very different from individual to individual. Our body can heal unevenly and sometimes, even with the best artist and technique clients will heal with a little bit of patchiness. Especially over a long period of time, the brows may begin to look slightly patchy. It’s perfectly normal for the brows to not look perfect after 10 months or so. My best advice to clients is that if it’s a minor issue or flaw, I would wait until the year mark to make an appointment. This is for the best interest of the client’s skin.