Color Correction Procedure Step-by-Step Copy

Color Correction Procedure Step-by-Step

  1. Client Consent forms
  2. Client consultation
    • Additional step: Make sure that you discuss with your clients what to expect based on their previous work as well as manage their expectations
  3. Take before photos
  4. Prep the brows
  5. Shaping the client: brow mapping + pre-draw
    • Additional step: Make sure that the new shape you are giving to your client covers the old shape.
  6. Set-up your procedure tray
    • Additional step: Pour your corrective pigment into a pigment cup (separate from your brown pigment cup).
    • Prepare a secondary machine for your corrective pigments. You may simply clean your needle instead of using a second machine if you don’t have another one. Having a second machine is highly recommended.
    • Make sure that your chosen brown color is dark enough to blend out the old work
  7. Outline
    • Outline the procedure as usual with your chosen brown color
  8. Color correct pass
    • After you’ve outlined the eyebrows with your chosen brown pigment, instead of tattooing the first pass with the brown color, you want to start color correcting. With a clean needle you want to tattoo the first pass of the corrective pigment onto the discolored eyebrows. You can either do this with a secondary machine or you can clean your needle by letting it run on a wipe. This will clean the brown pigment out of your needle cartridge.
    • Complete a light first pass on the previous work ONLY with the corrective pigment. Do NOT tattoo the corrective pigment on virgin skin.
  9. Numbing
  10. Color correct pass (cont.)
    • Continue to color correct as needed. You should only tattoo 1-4 passes of corrective pigment depending on the saturation of the previous work. Numb the area with TAG45 as needed. Once the corrective pigment has been tattooed, you will see a slight change in hue. The previous work will not turn brown immediately, you will only notice the change once the brows have healed. However, you will notice that the brows will change tone slightly.
  11. Shading (on virgin skin)
    • Clean the needle or use your secondary machine and tattoo the virgin skin area ONLY with the chosen brown color. Tattoo in passes, until the saturation is similar to the saturation of the previous work.
  12. Final touch up pass & blending
    • Once the saturation of the previously virgin skin area matches the previous work area, you will now do passes over the entire brow area. This should only take about 1-2 passes at most. The purpose of this is to blend both areas together.
  13. Preparation for after photos
  14. After photos & videos
  15. Finishing touches