Continued Support

We, at Beautific Academy, believe that training is only 10% of the learning. We don’t believe that PMU can be learned overnight or even with several courses. This is why we wanted to create a course with lifetime access. We believe that most of the learning, the other 90%, comes with experience and practice (on real models & clients). Beautific Studios & Academy want to be there for you and support you through the rest of your journey and guide you through any question or obstacle you may face. We are offering continued online support for all of our students. We will also be giving you exclusive access to our Beautific support group where you can network with other supportive and positive students as well as ask questions and share your knowledge and experience with others there. Any questions you may have regarding the technique, the service, or client-related, our best recommendation is to ask us in our online support group. There are dozens of Beautific certified students who would love to help you and share their opinions and personal experiences. Beautific Academy encourages students to ask questions on the support group so you can get instant response from multiple students who may have a different style, perspective, or experience. We encourage sharing and learning from each other.

For personal questions and concerns, please feel free to email us at

For the fastest way to get a general question or confusion answered about:

  • General course content
  • General Ombré Powder technique and service
  • Client-related topics
  • Business and marketing related topics

Please use our Beautific support group. The link to our support group is: Please introduce yourself and what city/state you’re from once you’ve joined!