Corrective Pigments Copy

My favorite corrective pigments are by Permablend. Below are the pigments I use for color corrections and their purposes.

I use the layering technique to color correct eyebrows. The layering technique means that the corrective pigments are tattooed onto the discolored eyebrows in layers, separate from the brown pigment layers. The corrective pigments are not mixed with the brown pigments. The chosen corrective pigment(s) is poured into a separate pigment cup from the brown pigment. In the next module we will be discussing the correction procedure in more depth.

Because the corrective pigments and the brown pigments are not mixed together in one single cup, we are able to use corrective pigments by Permablend even if the chosen brown pigment for your client’s eyebrows are by Li. As long as the you’re not mixing two different pigment brands in one pigment cup, you are able to use different brands in one single appointment. I wouldn’t recommend doing so with your chosen brown color however.  Li pigments have their own line of corrective pigments as well, but I find that Permablend’s pigments are more effective. Permablend’s corrective pigments have allowed me to color correct most of my client’s discolored eyebrows in one session. If you’d like to use Li pigments for your correction cases, expect to do a couple of touch ups.