Course Updates

With this online course you will get LIFETIME ACCESS. There’s a common misconception that gets advertised in the industry that permanent makeup can be learned overnight. Mastering PMU and Ombré Powder takes time, patience, and practice. Therefore, I want you guys to have access to this knowledge forever.

As a PMU artist and trainer, I continue to learn and grow everyday. There’s always something new to learn after each procedure and after every training I offer. Because of this, I will continue to add new information and materials to the course so you can grow with me. I will be using this lesson module to give you guys updates on new lessons, videos, and course materials. Please refer back to this lesson in the future for updates.


  • Chapter 11: “How to Shape: Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial.”
    • We’ve added a new downloadable manual PDF for how to shape!
  • Chapter 13: Live Model #2
    • Live Model #2 Procedural Demo has been uploaded! Please enjoy
  • All Beautific Students get 20% off our PMU supplies with the code: “BEAUTIFICCERTIFIED”