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With this online course you will get LIFETIME ACCESS. There’s a common misconception that gets advertised in the industry that permanent makeup can be learned overnight. Mastering PMU and Ombré Powder takes time, patience, and practice. Therefore, I want you guys to have access to this knowledge forever.

As a PMU artist and trainer, I continue to learn and grow everyday. There’s always something new to learn after each procedure and after every training I offer. Because of this, I will continue to add new information and materials to the course so you can grow with me. I will be using this lesson module to give you guys updates on new lessons, videos, and course materials. Please refer back to this lesson in the future for updates.

Updates: (Newest to Oldest)

December 2021 Updates:

  • Chapter 5: Our pigment chapter has been updated with fresh, new. information! We’ve completely replaced the old pigment brand we used to use with a new brand that is better than Li, Permablend, and Evenflo altogether. I don’t use either Li or Permablend anymore.
    • New lessons starting from the “Brovi Pigments” lesson all the way to the “Recommended Pigment mixtures…”
  • Chapter 6: Supplies
    • We’ve completely replaced the machine and needles we use to the Mast Tour and Kwadron needles which are way better! We’ve updated our supply list with better products as well so you will find that the entire chapter is completely revamped.
  • Chapter 14: Live Model 3
    • We’ve added a brand new live model video. Enjoy!

Beginning-of-2021 Updates:

  • Chapter 11: “How to Shape: Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial.”
    • We’ve added a new downloadable manual PDF for how to shape!
  • Chapter 13: Live Model #2
    • Live Model #2 Procedural Demo has been uploaded! Please enjoy
  • All Beautific Students get 10% off our PMU supplies with the code: “BEAUTIFICCERTIFIED” on