How to Shade the Front Ombré

Angle: 65-85

Machine speed: 2 or 3

The motion and technique for the front ombré is similar to shading in one-direction, however, you will be doing longer, quicker strokes and the pressure will be slightly lighter. The easiest way to create soft, misty fronts is to flick towards the front of the brow/center of the face. You can do the front ombré in the direction you’d like, but flicking towards the center of the face is the most beginner-friendly technique to prevent the fronts from getting too dark. Avoid overdoing the front; they should be light and misty.

If you have trouble doing quicker strokes, I recommend using speed 3 until you feel more comfortable in doing longer, quicker strokes.

Above photo is a zoomed-in photo of my front ombré shading from the demonstration video.