Is it Permanent or Semi-Permanent? Copy

Services such as Ombre Powder, Microblading, etc. are commonly referred to as “semi-permanent” makeup. Advertising PMU services as “semi-permanent” instead of permanent is false advertisement. PMU is permanent.

There are several reasons why many artists use the term “Semi-permanent”:

  1. This term is popularly used because it is less scary and intimidating to describe these services as semi-permanent rather than permanent. This is to entice more bookings since some clients wouldn’t feel comfortable with getting something permanent.
  2. Artists advertise PMU services as semi-permanent since the new techniques that we offer today produce more natural and softer looks than traditional brow and lip tattoos. Because of its more realistic results, this can be mistaken as a semi-permanent procedure. 
  3. In addition, as the PMU industry becomes increasingly popular, there has been a rise of new technicians who have been improperly trained or lack experience. New and inexperienced technicians may lack the skill to properly place the pigment into the skin which produces very short-term results and, therefore, result in the trend of the term “semi-permanent.”

Properly executed permanent makeup should be permanent, hence, “permanent” makeup. Although PMU services fade, which is normal, you can never guarantee that the pigment placed into the skin will completely disappear. It would be misleading to state that the service is semi-permanent or any derivative of that sort.