License vs. Certification

A license and a certification are not the same.

A certification acknowledges that you’ve taken an Ombré Powder brow course and you have the knowledge to perform the service. Certification can be given by private organizations.

A license gives individuals the permission to practice in a particular occupation or profession that is subject to regulation under the government’s authority. Licensure can be given by a federal, state or local government.

Once you’ve completed the course and satisfied the requirements, you will be given a certification for Ombré Powder. To legally perform the service, you will have to apply for a Body Art Practitioner license (in California). This may be called something different in your state/country. More on this in the next module. Please check your local health department for details.


Q: Do you need a Cosmetology/Esthetician license to perform the service?

A: No, unlike Eyelash Extensions and other popular beauty services, Ombré Powder does not require a Cosmetology/Esthetician license to legally perform the service.