Live Training & Hands-On Learning Copy

Beautific Academy created this online Ombré Powder course with beginners and advanced artist in mind. We wanted to create a course that was suitable for someone who had no experience and wanted to learn about the service and how to offer it and we also wanted to help experienced artist brush up on their knowledge and skills or add a new service to their menu. However, Beautific Academy does not promote using this online course to completely replace hands-on learning for those who are beginners and have no experience.

Beautific Academy has created personalized live training courses specifically for our online students who would like to get hands-on learning experience with a live model client under our supervisions and guidance at our home studio in Orange County, CA . Online course students will receive $500-$700 off our live training. For info & registration please email us at


Regularly: $2,500

Online Student Pricing: $2,000 ($500 off)


Regularly: $2,200

Online Student Pricing: $1,700 ($500 off)

In order to take the 1-Day Advanced Training, you must have previous shading experience on an actual client.