Permablend Pigments

Permablend is overall a great pigment brand. It is suitable for all skin-types and has been the leader in the permanent make up industry for several years. However, this brand of pigments is not the best choice for beginners. Permablend is highly concentrated therefore there is very little room for mistakes.


  • Suitable for experienced artists
  • Healed results: medium-dark
  • Retention: Fades up to 10-30% once healed
  • Carbon-based, Organic pigments
  • Compatible clients: Clients with any skin type. Clients with full brow hairs or no hair. Clients who want medium-bold density. Clients who want extra low maintenance brows, dark healed results.
  • Incompatible clients: Permablend is suitable for all kinds of clients. They can be customized to be as soft and natural or as bold and dark, however, for beginner artists, it may be difficult to achieve natural brows due to the high saturation of the formula.

Note: Tina Davies’ Pigment line is from the same manufacturer as Permablend.