Pigment Selections Copy

To select a pigment mixture for your client, there are several factors to consider. These factors include, but are not limited to, skin undertone, skin tone, the color of the brow hair, the color of the client’s hair, if they have previous work, and the color of their previous work.

1. Skin Undertone

The first step to pigment selection is to determine the client’s undertone. Identifying whether your client has a cool, warm or neutral undertone will allow you to select the undertone of your pigments.

2. Skin Tone

The second step to pigment selection is to determine the client’s skin tone and what Fitzpatrick number they fall under. This will allow you to determine how light or how dark your pigment mixture should be.

3. Finalization

Once you have determined the pigment undertone based off the client’s undertone, we then select how dark the pigments should be based off of the client’s skin tone. Once that has been selected, we use other factors such as the client’s brow hair color, brow density, hair color, and client’s preferences to finalize our pigment selection.