The Healing Process: What the Client Can Expect Copy

The healing process for Ombre Powder brows can be an emotional rollercoaster for many clients. The treatment area is on their face and they go through many phases of healing, therefore, it’s important for the technician to thoroughly explain what to expect after the procedure has been completed for the client’s peace of mind.

In this module, we will be covering what happens to the brows during the healing phase and why. We will begin, first, with a detailed explanation of the healing stages. At the end of this module we’ve also included a summary of what to expect. This is the version I typically give to my clients on their aftercare handout and on my website. 

What to Expect:

  1. Immediately after the procedure (Day 1) the brows will appear dark, bold, and thick. Brows are always darker and slightly larger in size initially because the healing process causes the brows to lighten and shrink slightly. If the brows are perfect in color and shape, it may end up healing too light and thin after the healing has completed. 
  2. In the next several days (Day 2-5) the brows will continue to darken even more and it will appear as if there’s a thick layer on top. This is normal because in the first 24-48 hours, the brows are considered an open wound. Lymph fluid will begin to excrete from the wound to try to remove any foreign bodies and then in the next couple of days, a scab is going to start to form. This is similar to when your body has a wound and a dark and thick scab begins to form on top as part of the healing process. Itchiness can be expected as a side effect of the scab formation. 
  3. After approximately one week (Day 5-14) that thin crust/scab that has been forming will begin to crack and dissolve. Pieces will begin to naturally fall off. Please allow the scabs to fall off by themselves, do not pick, pull or tug at them. Everyone heals at different rates so this process may begin and finish at different times for each individual. A longer healing process may be due to the immune system being compromised because of stress, poor nutrition, age, etc. More mature clients usually take longer to complete the healing. For every decade after 40, you can generally add an additional week to the healing process.
  4. After approximately two weeks (Day 14) the scabs should almost be done falling off if they haven’t completely fallen off yet. After the thin crust has fallen off, the brows will appear light and patchy. The color of the brows is currently lighter than what it will be once the 4-week healing process is completed. The brows will be slightly lighter and dull during this time period because there is a layer of dead skin that still exists on top. This layer of dead skin will shed off eventually. The brows are also expected to be patchy, especially with just one session. 
  5. After approximately one month (Day 28) the true shape and color of the brows should begin to reveal. At this point, the layer of dead skin should have completely shed off and the epidermis layer of the skin should have completely regenerated and regained its initial thickness (more on the layers of the skin later). The brows should be completely healed at this point. 

What to Expect Summary:

  • Day 1: Brows will be bold and thick immediately after the appointment
  • Day 2-5: Brows will continue to get darker and thicker due to scab formation
  • Day 5-14: The brows will begin to crack and scab 
    • It may be itchy while scabbing
    • Start and end of scabbing varies with each client***
  • Day 14-28: Brows will appear to be light and patchy and sometimes even dull/grey.
  • Day 28: Color will begin to return, and it will darken slightly. The healing should be complete at this point. 

Please note that the timeline indicated above is an approximation. The healing process and healing results vary from individual to individual.