The Most Important Step Copy

Shaping is the process of mapping out your client’s eyebrows and drawing them with a pencil to create a Pre-Draw. The purpose of the Pre-Draw is to show your client what the eyebrows will look like and get their approval prior to tattooing. The goal of shaping is to enhance your client’s facial features while making them as symmetrical as possible. Everyone’s face is asymmetrical in one way or another, no one is perfect, and the goal of shaping and brow mapping is to create the illusion of symmetry.

Shaping is the foundation of Ombré Powder because the Pre-Draw acts as a guideline for the tattoo. We use the Pre-Draw to tattoo the outline and secure the shape. I truly believe that your work is only as good as your outline and your outline is only as good as your shaping. Therefore, this step is the most important one in the procedure.

In this chapter, you will learn how to shape, the different methods of shaping, the factors to consider when shaping, facial asymmetry, creating the illusion of symmetry and more.