When and How to Politely Refuse a Client

Saying no to a client can be daunting but sometimes you need to refuse a client for the good of your business. The following are reasons you should refuse a client:

  • If the client is mean or rude to you, your co-workers or your employees. As a PMU artist you work very closely with each client (next to their face actually) and it’s important to have a good and friendly relationship with them. Not only will you see your client at their initial appointment, but you’re also going to see them at their touch up and at their annual touch ups every year from now on. Taking on clients who are rude to you is not good for your business or your livelihood. I am a strong believer of removing any negative energy in your life this includes impolite clients. An ill-manner client has a high chance of also being a difficult client in the future. If they are disrespectful, don’t take them, their money isn’t worth it.
  • If the client no-shows you and wants to book another appointment. It’s understandable that life happens, and things pop up last minute, however, if your client no-shows you and doesn’t let you know ahead of time or explain afterwards that client does not respect your time. If that same client tries to book another appointment, I highly recommend refusing them. You want your clients to respect you and your time the same way you respect theirs.
  • If the client has unrealistic expectations. This is very common. I’ve ignored the signed many times as a PMU artist has it has always come to bite me! This is why I stress managing your client’s expectation. When your client has too high of an expectation it will lead to disappointment. Some examples include:
    • When a client has hair growth imbalance, wants symmetry, BUT she does not want to sacrifice any hairs.
    • When a client has asymmetrical facial features but expect perfection
    • When a client has asymmetrical brows, wants symmetry, without changing anything about their natural brow shape
    • When a client comes in with a celebrity photo and wants that EXACT shape however she does not resemble the celebrity
    • When a client with asymmetrical previous work want symmetry without changing the change or going thicker

Working with a client that has unrealistic expectations mean that that client will never be happy with whatever you do or what you give them. This is end up costing you money than making you money in the long run.

  • If the client gives you bad vibes. TRUST YOUR GUT! Sometimes your body just knows before you do. If a client makes you feel uncomfortable or she shows signs of unexplainable red flags sometimes you have to trust it.

How to politely refuse a client

Confrontation is never easy or comfortable. This is especially hard when you sense a difficult client that you feel you must refuse. Here are some things you can say to refuse a client:

  • “I don’t feel comfortable performing the service on you. I apologize for this inconvenience; however, I don’t believe I’m the best artist for you.”
  • “I don’t believe I’m the right artist to serve you. I’m sorry, however, I’m going to have to cancel our appointment. I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you. ”
  • If a persistent client is requesting something extreme that you don’t believe you should tattoo on them: “What you’re requesting is too far off from my style and/or what I’m comfortable with, I don’t feel right tattooing this on you. Our styles are too incompatible.”
  • If you have an especially difficult or intimidating client, you could say: “I’m sorry that you’ve came all this way to see me, however, I don’t believe I’m the best/right brow artist for you. Your expectations exceed my experience and skill level.”