Why Do Eyebrows Change Color?

Eyebrows change color over time and this is not uncommon or abnormal. I love to use hair color as a metaphor for understanding why eyebrows fade color. Skin is not much different than hair when it comes to the color fading out. If we were to color our hairs and let it fade, as it fades, it would change colors several times. For example, if you were to bleach your hair and dye it pink, that pink would fade into a lighter pastel pink, then to a peachy pink-orange, and then a light orange-yellow.

When we dye our hairs, the cuticle layer of the hairs initially holds the color and eventually it will let go and the color will wear off. The color will begin to change and transform into various shades. The same process happens with permanent makeup.

In permanent makeup, the color is carried away from the bottom of the tattoo by the lymphatic system and some fades and exfoliates from the surface. If the color is not touched up, it can transform into a very different color than what we initially tattooed. 

Why doesn’t this happen with traditional body tattoos? The face has a different cellular composition than the rest of the body. With traditional body tattoos, it is general primary colors that are used and those colors simply fade to a lighter version of themselves. The colors used for eyebrows in PMU are tertiary colors.