Workstation Breakdown

The following are steps to properly break down your workstation:

  1. Take off and dispose your soiled gloves. Wash your hands and put on a brand-new set of gloves.
  2. Remove the sharps from your workstation (needles & razor blade) and dispose them into a sharps container.
  3. Remove any barrier film/clip cord sleeve/grip tape from your PMU machine. Set aside the machine for cleaning.
  4. Remove any barrier film and plastic cover from your workstation (bed, chair & ring light). Toss them onto your workstation tray and lift the dental chair cover. This acts as a trash bag, so we don’t have to toss away any trash individually. Throw this into a hazardous waste trash.
  5. Sanitize your workstation by wiping any surfaces you touched or equipment you used. This includes, but is not limited to, bed, work tray, stool (and stool handle), ring light, PMU machine, etc.