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In this course you will learn how to perform a successful procedure and create beautiful Ombré Powder brows. Starter Kit is sold separately.

Course Features

  1. 5 Live Models including a Correction Model 
  2. 50+ 4K Videos with Multiple Angles & Close-ups
  3. 22 Chapters & Over 150+ Modules
  4. Business & Marketing Guidelines
  5. Downloadable Manual PDF and worksheets
  6. Ombre Powder Certification
  7. 24/7 Access to the Course
  8. Continued Support from Beautific Team

Course Curriculum 


  1. Welcome to the Course!
    • Intro to the Course
    • Word from the Instructor
    • Terms, Conditions & Disclaimer
  2. Permanent Makeup
    • What is PMU?
    • Why get PMU?
    • Examples of PMU
    • PMU Equipment
    • Is it permanent or semi-permanent?
    • Your new title/Naming your services
  3. Ombre Powder Theory
    • What is Ombre Powder Brows?
    • Ombre Powder Brows Fundamentals
    • How Long Does it Last?
    • Brow Anatomy
    • Different Brow Techniques
    • Client Requirements: Who is suitable?
    • Client Preparations
    • The Healing Process: What to expect?
    • Client Aftercare
  4. Skin
    • Skin Anatomy: Layers of the Skin
    • Wound Healing
    • Skin Types & How to work with them
    • Skin Tones
    • Undertones
  5. Color Theory & Pigments
    • The Color Wheel
    • Types of Colors
    • How to get a Neutral Color?
    • The Science of Pigments: What are Pigments Made Of?
    • Pigment Lines
    • Li Pigments
    • Permablend Pigments
    • Pigment Selection
    • Favorite Pigment Mixtures
    • Pigment Selection: Case Studies
  6. Tools & Supplies
    • Starter Kit
    • Workspace Checklist
    • Machines & Needles
    • Shaping Tools
    • Procedural Tools & Numbing
    • Aftercare Products
    • Aftercare Kits
    • Vendors & Sources
  7. Sanitation & Hygiene
    • Sanitation
    • PPE
    • Handwashing Station
    • Sanitation Supplies
    • Workstation Setup
    • Workstation Breakdown
    • What to do if you poke yourself
  8. Ombre Powder Technique
    • Body & Hand Placement
    • Proper Machine Grip
    • Machine Angles & Needle Depths
    • Skin Stretch
    • Outline
    • Shading
    • Front Ombre
  9. Practice with Me
    • Outline
    • First Pass
    • Second Pass
    • Third Pass
  10. Procedure: Step-by-Step
    • Procedure Overview
    • Consent Forms
    • Client Consultation
    • Before Photos
    • Brow Mapping
    • The Tattoo Procedure
    • After Photos
    • Post-Appointment
  11. Shaping & Brow Mapping
    • The Most Important Step
    • Factors to Consider When Shaping
    • Different Shaping Methods
    • Shaping Step-by-Step
    • Brow Mapping Demonstration
    • Pre-Draw Demonstration
  12. Instructor Demo #1: Live Model 
  13. Instructor Demo #2: Live Model
  14. Instructor Demo #3: Live Model
  15. Instructor Demo #4: Live Model
  16. Cover ups & Color Corrections
    • Cover up vs. Color Correction
    • Why do eyebrows change color?
    • Factors that create Residual Color
    • Basics of Coverup & Color Correction
    • When to say NO
    • Managing Client Expectations
    • Corrective Pigments
    • Correction Procedure
    • Correction Client Checklist (Worksheet)
  17. Instructor Demo #5: Live Correction Model 
  18. Touch Ups
    • How often does your client need a touch up?
    • Touch up procedure
  19. Body Art Practitioner 
    • License vs. Certification
    • Body Art License Requirements
    • Bloodborne Pathogens Certification
    • Location
  20. Building Your Business & Marketing
    • Opening a Business
    • Pricing
    • Social Media
    • Instagram
    • Models
    • Gaining Followers & Clients
    • Marketing Tips
    • Apps
    • Photo Editing
  21. Tips & Tricks (Tips & Tricks Module Titles will be Omitted From Fliers & Website)
  22. Downloadable Manual PDF

12 reviews for Ombré Powder Online Course

  1. Klodi

    I’ve taken a ton of online courses and none has came close to the value you receive into Alisha’s course. She is very meticulous and it shows not only in her live training but on her online course. All aspects relative to the profession are covered like marketing photography, licensing, business strategies, etc.. that are often overlooked by other trainers. The quality of the videos are excellent and extremely pleasant to watch. The detailed explanations developed in each topic helps target your own weakness and the tools necessary to improve your technique.
    After implementing the technique learnt in brow mapping and outlining on my clients, I divided by 2 the time I used to brow map and my outline were crispier than before. And the cherry on top is that content is added regularly with more models and more techniques to refine your skills! I strongly recommend this course for anyone striving for perfection!

  2. nathasia

    Honestly I love everything about this course because it was so informative, I finished the course feeling great and ready to start my ombré powder brows journey. The course it self was very well put and I like how it is lifetime so I can always go back when I need answers. Alisha is such an inspiration, throughout everything she went through she still kept going and that’s what I like to see and the definition of a great leader. I totally recommend this course as it is just an amazing course overall. From how things were explained step by step, Alisha did not back down on any information and the way she state her work, sentences made it easier to follow. As a student, you want your trainer to answer all your questions about the course and it was perfectly delivered by the team. The course was worth every penny. ❤️

    Instagram: @nathasialashbeauty

  3. rachelraus

    I have taken other online courses and nothing compares to this one! Where to begin?! This course literally covers every topic from start to finish. The amount of information and attention to detail really shows. I love the fact that you get lifetime support! I haven’t seen any other in person or online course offer that.

    I genuinely feel this is perfect for both beginners and advanced PMU artists. From the basics of how to setup and use the machine to the in-depth details of how to properly shape, shade and color correct is outstanding. This course even covers marketing, sanitation and getting started on your own as well as other tips and tricks.

    Definitely worth the money! Alisha is the best! ?

  4. thatsvicky

    AMAZING! Alisha’s course was so thorough and really broke down the information in a clear and digestible way to make it as easy as possible to learn virtually. I have been certified in Ombre powder brows once before and taking Alisha’s online course gave me an extra boost of knowledge and confidence in making me a better brow artist. When she says lifetime support she truly means lifetime support! Best purchase ever!

  5. Allurebylita

    BEST INVESTMENT!! I’ve taken a couple online courses and I have to say Alisha’s online course was incredibly informative and clear. It displayed great demonstrations and live models with detailed explanations on each and every topic. I previously took her in person training and this course was such a memory refresher; it helped me target and correct my weaknesses. I learned a lot of new things as well which goes to show that she’s truly an educator and cares for your education. Also, when she says lifetime support– she really means that! 5/5 would recommend!
    – @allurebylita

  6. janicekhuang

    This is my third time taking a brow course and my first time taking it online- however i felt like i’ve learned even more than the first two times! Alisha does not miss a beat and is so, so detailed in everything and anything that you can possibly think of when it comes to ombré powder brows. Not only is the course easy to follow and comprehend, it is interesting and so well done! I have always loved Alisha’s work and had the pleasure of having her work on my own brows! All i can say is- her dedication for her craft and her expertise shows effortlessly, and i would highly recommend her to anyone.

  7. Karen Blair (verified owner)

    This is my first online course and I love it! It’s very detailed and understandable!!! I just love it! I understand more about the ombré technique. What I love it’s that we can log in any time for any questions or concerns! And I learn the easy way to do the mapping!! Thank you Alisha for making this course online!! ??????Please take this course!! Super recommend to anyone,

  8. Tyler Gentry (verified owner)

    This was such a informative course. Very detailed and very helpful. Kept it simple but answered all questions. The color correction was very helpful. I’ve taken a few clients already but still a beginner and this helped with my confidence a lot !


    I’ve learned so much taking this course. I feel more confident in my work now and I’m so glad I have lifetime access to this course in case I need a refresher! There was a lot of information, but Alisha made it so easy to retain the information. Definitely recommend this online course!

  10. reezcf86

    Alisha’s class was very informative & detailed. I really enjoyed it. She was very thorough during the training & ensured we understood and got the technique down. Alisha & her team are well versed, knowledgeable and super sweet. I like that they were willing to share information with us newbies to help us gain success in our own business. Alisha’s brow mapping technique is amazing & makes it so easy. This class was definitely well worth it!

  11. micetto82

    I was completely new to Ombre Powder Brows with no previous training or experience when I decided to fly from Miami, FL to get Alisha’s 14 day intensive course and it was the best decision ever! The course had so much information in it plus the time I spent with her in person gave me so much knowledge that I felt completely ready to start on my own! I felt totally prepared and only needed to practise. Till this day I don’t feel I need to get additional training but just practise and practise. Alisha is very professional, prepared and also a very generous teacher and artist. I would NOT recommend getting a powder brows course anywhere else than with her! The studio is also very clean and has free parking! The price of the course is great and offers so much more compared to other artists where I inquired. I’m so happy I decided to go with Beautific Studios.

  12. Samantha Torres (verified owner)

    I love that this course breaks down everything from the procedure , to the mapping outlining, and it includes videos of the procedure that you can rewatch because the course is ours to go back and review as much as we would like. This course is great because it provided me with a lot of knowledge i had no idea about prior to taking the course. It goes in depth with the lessons. I’m glad I purchased the course because I can study and review as I please and the support group is awesome !

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Everything you need to practice right along side Alisha in her new Ombré Powder Online Brow Course.

Meet Your instructor

Meet Your instructor

Alisha Mektrakarn

Hi everyone! My name is Alisha Mektrakarn and I am the owner and founder of Beautific Studios & Academy. I am a master artist and trainer specializing in Ombré Powder, Color Correction and Saline Removal and I will be your instructor for this course.

I have been in the permanent makeup industry for over 2 years now and I’ve completed over 1,500 successful procedures. I’ve studied and mentored under world renowned artists & educators and I’ve learned from the best technicians in this industry. As of 2020, I am proud to say I am 12x certified in permanent makeup and beauty.